Mishka Henner Talk: Photography in the Internet Age

On Thursday 15th June, we were joined at Cooke’s Studios by world-renowned photographer Mishka Henner, as the fourth visiting artist of Lost Stations.

Renowned for his interrogative approach to the medium of photography, Mishka Henner has been a pioneer in the use of internet, satellites and television imagery as a source for his artistic practice. The omnipresent and infinite bank of these publicly available images serves as a tool for Henner to force us to question how the digital age has so rapidly transformed our visual experience.

Mishka’s talk delved into the processes and inspiration behind his passed projects as well as premiering some new work for the very first time. He spoke of the themes raised by his work, perhaps most memorably those around censorship and how present-day technologies are able to often undermine efforts made by governments and industries to disguise things from public view. The talk sparked a lively Q + A session with audience members, touching on the somewhat controversial nature of creating work like this, as well as how we can define photography in the present day.