Marshmallow Laser Feast Talk : Exploring reality

On Saturday the 8th of July we had the pleasure of welcoming Marshmallow Laser Feast to our studios. Haavard Tveito (Creative Technologist) brought Gear VR headsets along with him, offering the public a chance to try “In The Eyes Of The Animal”, a 360° sensory experience seen through the eyes of 4 different creatures.

In his talk Haavard shared the vast portfolio of Marshmallow Laser Feast, from commercial work with large brands to self driven artistic projects. He dwelled on the exciting possibility that VR offers to us, allowing us to explore the world in new and unexpected ways. With their work they are always aiming to push the barriers of technology, always contemplating the audience experience by creating new levels of interactivity. Interestingly unlike the majority of the world they believe that VR’s place isn’t limited to the home, by considering location throughout their work they propose interesting questions, asking the audience to consider their reality. Ultimately the experiences they create aim to encourage exploration, play and curiosity, challenging the digital world with nature.

For many this was the first time that they had encountered VR, the room was bursting with questions. An interesting discussion point that rose from the Q+A session was the fact that VR as a new technology is currently open to all sorts of people to get involved, Haavard himself trained as an archeologist while some of his colleagues came from filmmaking, photography and scientific backgrounds. VR is certainly unchartered territory, full of prospects as it develops, we are lucky to have an gained insight into this fascinating industry.

The artist talk is available to watch in full on our Vimeo channel.