Lost Stations Exhibition | Digital mentorship programme.

In March Signal Film and Media launched a Digital arts mentorship programme led by Artist and Videosmith Sam Meech. Selected artists would take part in a series of workshops, critical discussions and development sessions with a view to gain new digital skills and produce work for exhibition.

The artists were asked to respond to “Lost Stations” and the themes that surround it.

The collection of work that has been produced utilises a variety of digital processes both from more traditional mediums such as film and photography, to modern techniques of programming and CGI.

Artists were allowed to experiment, taking their practices into previously untouched realms. Throughout the process the group was encouraged to share their progress, allowing for feedback from fellow artists which offered new perspectives and inspiration. The programme encouraged consideration for both the content of the work and the presentation for exhibition.

The exhibition launched on June 7th to public and continues to be open until June 23rd. 

Amy Story | Digital Artist and Filmmaker

My response to the theme ‘Lost Stations’ came about from the mentorship course workshop sessions. Our initial session helped me to generate ideas on the theme and from that I wanted to researched further by finding an online map of all of the disused train stations throughout Cumbria. I was keen to use this data in my work to make new shapes or forms of some kind, and after researching different kinds of maps decided to focus on constellation maps. I created 12 digital line drawings out of the map points of the disused stations. I also created a separate shape, formed from the map points of the postcodes of all of the mentorship group participants. This was etched into acrylic and lit from the bottom to produce a glowing effect.

Howie Venton | Digital Artist 

My choice for the theme was about dealing with the amount of information that we are constantly bombarded with on a daily basis.  It was a ‘digital’ train journey and was basically about looking out the window at the mass of information flying but actually letting it pass without absorbing any of it.