Digital Art Mentorship – Introduction

The Lost Stations Digital Art Mentoring Programme is a course that takes participants through each stage of project creation, culminating into a public exhibition. Work created throughout the programme will respond to “Lost Stations” and the themes that surround it. We put a call out for applications and from these 12 artists were selected.

The course is led by Sam Meech (Mentor & Digital Artist) who will be on hand to share his knowledge with the artists, guiding them through each step.

Within the group there are a wide range of disciplines, processes and interests, spanning from traditional hand-made craft to interactive 3D CGI. With so much variation between the artists and the possibility for collaboration in the air, the programme has already got off to a promising start.

Artists are encouraged to try new disciplines and challenge the way they work. Throughout the course they will be introduced to new techniques and be allowed the space to experiment, taking away the fear of failure. As adults we rarely give ourselves the time to play and create just for the sake of making something. As well as learning new techniques, artists were also given the space to reflect and respond.

These sessions aim to equipt the artists with skills that could help expand their practice and ultimately help to germinate ideas for their final projects for exhibition.

1 minute film challenge

Video editing

Stop Motion Animation

The artists are connecting with the heritage of the area, actively seeking information, improving their research techniques in the process. In many cases artists have chosen to look within themselves for inspiration, working on themes and personal experiences that they feel strongly about. Interesting ideas surfaced in a recent sharing session, they were discussed by the group, creating a supportive environment where artists could offer feedback and share their own knowledge in turn.

Research trip

Research and sharing session

With this mentorship, the hope is that we can build a community of artists, expand their networks and allow them to advance in their desired field.

Trip to The Dock Museum

At the moment the projects at their early conception stages, we eagerly await their development.